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Book Review – The New Kaua’i Movie Book: Films Made on the Garden Island

THE NEW KAUA’I MOVIE BOOK: Films Made On The Garden Island. By Chris Cook with landscape photography by David Boynton. Honolulu: Mutual Publishing. 2013. “Filming on Kauai was probably one of the best times of my life in filmmaking. The Island is so magic it just grabs you” (p. 72), emoted one of the many … Continue reading

On Teaching with Amanda Rees – Team-Based Learning and World Regional Geography One of the most engaging facets of my own graduate career in American Studies, and in working as a cultural/urban geography professor, is when my students and I are involved in interdisciplinary projects that support community partners. All upper-level students in the geography program at my institution complete projects as part of the Columbus … Continue reading

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