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Mark Edmundson’s WHY TEACH? Forum: Michael Millner

This is the final submission in our forum on Mark Edmundson’s Why Teach?: In Defense of a Real Education. See earlier responses by Elizabeth Hutchinson, Stephen Brauer, and Lee Bebout. We hope to be able to run forums in the future, as these have been insightful and engaging. – AMSJ staff   Review of Mark Edmundson’s Why Teach – … Continue reading

Mark Edmundson’s WHY TEACH? Forum: Lee Bebout

Strategic Alliances and Strange Bedfellows: A Response to Edmundson’s Why Teach? I began teaching because I wanted to impact students’ lives through literature.  Recently, that answer has not seemed to be enough.  US higher education is in a state of crisis.  The humanities are under siege.  Through the rapid corporatization of academia, we are asked, compelled, … Continue reading

Mark Edmundson’s WHY TEACH? Forum: Stephen Brauer

Transforming Not Them but Us: Response to Why Teach? by Stephen Brauer   Mark Edmundson calls education “soul-making,” repeatedly employing religious rhetoric to impart the power of education to transform the individual who embraces it. While that’s terrific for those who see it on those terms, it is overly idealistic to imagine that most do or … Continue reading

Mark Edmundson’s WHY TEACH? Forum: Elizabeth Hutchinson

After reading reviews of Mark Edmundson’s book, Why Teach?: In Defense of a Real Education (Bloomsbury, 2013), AMSJ’s editorial staff decided to begin a forum for our readers with four different critiques of the book. We were especially interested in discussing the seismic shifts going on in teaching the humanities in colleges and universities around the country. We selected four … Continue reading

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