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On Teaching – Mixing It up in the Archives: Making a Syllabus on My Own

As a Visiting Assistant Professor at the College of William and Mary, I inherited a course from a senior colleague who encouraged me to make the course my own.  The course was titled “America and the Americans”—the possibilities were endless.  Conceptually, the course was a mandatory upper-level American Studies theory and methods seminar for the … Continue reading

Book Review: Henry Ford’s War on Jews and the Legal Battle against Hate Speech

Henry Ford’s War on Jews and the Legal Battle against Hate Speech. By Victoria Saker Woeste. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. 2012 Victoria Saker Woeste’s, Henry Ford’s War on Jews and the Legal Battle Against Hate Speech contributes significantly to our understanding of the dramatic libel lawsuit brought by Aaron Sapiro against the American automotive pioneer. Woeste’s … Continue reading

On Teaching: Mourning Teaching

I box the last stack of books, bag the last pile of handouts, probe the back of desk drawers for the last remnant of a daily teaching life. I clean the desk, wipe shelves, arrange chairs, force myself not to get all weepy, close the door of my office, and turn in the key. I … Continue reading

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