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On Teaching – “Getting Personal”

John M. Kinder, Assistant Professor of American Studies and History at Oklahoma State University In high school, I was a “skate fag.”*  At least, that’s what I was called.  I spent my junior and senior years at a rural Alabama high school, and I earned the nickname because I was known to ride a skateboard … Continue reading

Book Review – Gary: The Most American of All American Cities

GARY: The Most American of All American Cities.  By S. Paul O’Hara.  Bloomington:  Indiana University Press.  2011. Gary: The Most American of all American Cities is an analysis of Gary, Indiana as imagined mostly through the narratives of those who lived outside of the city.  Created in 1906 by U.S. Steel, its “physical spaces were … Continue reading

Book Review – The Passion of Tiger Woods

THE PASSION OF TIGER WOODS: An Anthropologist Reports on Golf, Race, And Celebrity Scandal.  By Orin Starn. Durham: Duke University Press. 2011. Making effective use of online discourse and other electronic arenas to learn the truth about Tiger Woods and celebrity in the modern world, Orin Starn gathers anthropological data from social media to evaluate … Continue reading

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