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Book Review – Guantánamo: An American History

GUANTÁNAMO: An American History. By Jonathan M. Hansen. New York: Hill and Wang. 2011. Guantánamo might seem narrow as a topic of study, but the author places it in broader contexts which it also serves to illuminate. Geological prehistory, personal stories of women, workers, and racial minorities, political and military developments, continental diplomacy, Constitutional issues, all … Continue reading

Bringing Multicultural Education to the Primary School: The Outreach Project of an American Studies Jack-of-All-Trades

Paola Gemme, Associate Professor of English at Arkansas Tech University  I was trained at a major state university to do one thing well: teach American literature to approximately mid-nineteenth century within a cultural history framework and with an emphasis on diversity. By the time I graduated in the late nineties with a dissertation that analyzed … Continue reading

Book Review – Grace and Grit

GRACE AND GRIT: Motorcycle Dispatches from Early Twentieth Century Women Adventurers.  By William M. Murphy.  Traverse City, Michigan: Arbutus Press, 2012. This book rewards faith in impressive accomplishments from seemingly unlikely sources.  It is after all a short book by a regional press but has national implications in a growing field. Murphy gives almost a … Continue reading

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