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Book Review – The Cambridge History of African American Literature

THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE.  By Maryemma Graham and Jerry W. Ward, Jr. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2011. “New Frontiers: Cross-Currents, and Convergences: Emerging Paradigms,” the title of Madhu Dubey’s and Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg’s chapter in the newly published Cambridge History of African American Literature (CHAAL) (2011) could well serve as the subtitle … Continue reading

Film Commentary – Historians and History-at-the-Movies

By Ben Alpers This post originally appeared on the blog U.S. Intellectual History on November 26, 2012. As an historian interested in film history, I’ve often been frustrated with the ways in which historians have tended to use history films in the classroom and to discuss them in the public sphere. I tend to use movies in … Continue reading

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