Forthcoming Issue

Forthcoming Issue: Issue 51:3/4

Update (5/17/2012): This issue is now out to subscribers!


  • “By Proxy of His Black Hero: The Bonus March (1932) and Eitaro Ishigaki’s Critical Engagement in American Leftist Discourses” – ShiPu Wang
  • “Expanding Jack Kerouac’s “America”: Canadian Revisions of On the Road” – Karen E. H. Skinazi
  • “In Women’s Empires: Gynaecocracy, Savagery, and the Evolution of Industry”- Daniel E. Bender
  • “The American Pioneer Woman Circa 1930: Cultural Debates and the Role of Public Art” – Janet Galligani Casey
  • “The Southern-Most Ivy: Princeton University from Jim Crow Admissions to Anti-Apartheid Protests, 1794-1969” – Stefan M. Bradley
  • “Images of Interracialism in Contemporary American Crime Fiction” – Tarik Abdel-Monem

Review Essays

  • “Review: CALIFORNIA INDIANS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT: An Introduction” – Catherine Cocks
  • “Space, Equality, and Expression: African Americas in Los Angeles” – Linda Cooks
  • “Progress Narratives, Racism, and Level Playing Fields: Recent Academic Literature on Sports” –  Michael Ezra
  • “New Directions for the History of Manhood in America” – Anne Lombard


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